Troop Service Mission

In Chaplain by Ken Castro

Hello Troop 7401,

Did you know the average American home has 6-8 Bibles inside of it?  Perhaps you’ve even wondered what you can do with old, used Bibles or Christian resources such as books or left over Sunday school materials or magazines. Well 7401, I have the answer for you.

Approximately 60 years ago a junk dealer who collected paper decided he didn’t want to throw a Bible out so he held on to it. Eventually he found more and before long, he had a box of Bibles. He then began to send these Bibles out to people in Africa and India who couldn't afford one.

To date, <a href="">Mission Cry</a> has sent over 350 million dollars worth of used Bibles and Christian books to over 173 nations around the world. Imagine, out of one man's profound respect for the Word of God a ministry was born, one that has blessed thousands many years later.

<strong>7401's Troop Mission</strong>

I'm encouraging our troop, both leaders and trailmen, to go through their bookshelves and take those extra 6-8 Bibles and any other Christian books that they find, box them up, and send them to <a href="">Mission Cry</a>. <em>Just remember not to send the Bible you're using, OK.</em> Furthermore, I advise you not to limit your Bible search to just your home; I'm sure your neighbors, friends, or extended family may have a few Bibles in their bookshelves too.

Next time we meet we will set a goal of how many Bibles and Christian material we can give for this year. This project will be one component of your service to the international body of believers. If you would like to know more about <a href="">Mission Cry</a>, please visit their website by simply pressing any of the hyperlinks embedded in this article.

Walk Worthy 7401,
Ken Castro, Chaplin

"Beloved, it is not our long prayers but our believing God that gets the answer."
John G. Lake

50 Bibles
25 Bibles
24 Bibles